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08:37am 25/08/2008
Okay, so the post office is trying it's hand at viral marketing. I'm not sure what they are smoking up on the 8th floor, but I want some. Check this out, it is really bizzare. http://www.markoftheeagle.com

Oh yeah, and I haven't updated in 28 weeks, I'm doing fine, just really busy, and not online, like ever.
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Insomnia, Lonlyness, and the schedule from esherspace or Rule 3: I can only sleep with a man  
08:07pm 07/02/2008
So I have discovered a down side to travel. I can't sleep in hotel rooms very well. By my third day into my trip I had gotten a total of 9 hours of sleep. This leads me to rule 3 of travel

Rule 3: Bring something to help you fall asleep in an unfamilar bed (be it a warm husband to curl around, alcohal, or horse traquilzers pick your poisn)

This was not very cool as I needed to report for work at 5 a.m. Some of you might have heard of the storms that crossed the nation. Well Kansas didn't get any tornatos but we did get snow and ice. Both of which driffed into the road and thanks to Kansas's snow removal policy "Wait until the sun comes up and melts what's on the road" the trip to work was very scary.

I was sleep deprived, the roads were horrible but I made it in. The woman I'm working with saw that I was litrally falling asleep in my chair at ten and sent me back to my hotel room to get some sleep because we had to start work again at 7pm in order to drive to Topeka and observe a test until 1 am. Yes indeed my work schedule for the first two days was work 5 am to 11 am on wendsday and 7 pm (wendsday) to 1 am on thursday. Luckly that counted as my work schedule for thursday so I could sleep in (and I acutally got some sleep oddly) and drive to Omaha at my leisure.

So anyway she sent me back to hotel to sleep except the hotel said I had to leave by 12 or pay for another day. Now due to the intricate workings of the govnment I was already paying for two hotel rooms that day (don't ask) I figured a third might not go over with my boss. Now I was sleep deprived in a very snowy icy place with no where to go and nothing to do until 7 in the evening. (I acutally ended up eating a few meals, hanging out at a mall and seeing a movie)

I have also discoved another down side of travel. It is very lonely. When I'm not working I have no one to talk to except the voices in my head. Eatting meals is the worst. My entire life I have shared a meal. Now I have no one to share it with. I have to just sit there and chew. All other times I can sit in my room watching law and order and cross stiching but I am so very alone at meal times.

Rule 4: Bring a buddy when you travel

Sorry for the long rather depressing post. Maybe tommorow I will go to the zoo.
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Delays and Cancelations or Rule 1: never check your underware  
11:17pm 05/02/2008
Well my travel adventure has gotten off to an interesting start. My first flight out of DC was cancled. This was no major problem however, I got onto the next flight.

So, no major problems getting INTO O'hare airport. Getting out is another issue. It was foggy in Chicago. Really very foggy. So foggy that the first I knew that we had arived at the airport was when the wheels hit the ground, and even that was from feel. I couldn't see more then 10 feet from the plane.

At fist my connecting flight was delayed. And it was delayed again, and again, and again and 5 more times just for fun. But at long last we boarded, and taxied to the runway. And there we waited for about an hour. Finally the captian anounced that we no longer had enough gas to make the trip and we had to return to the terminal. Then the flight was canceled.

So I waited in the line at the service desk that started at the terminal and ended some where in the vacinity of the orbit of mars. I rebooked my flight for the next day and they gave me a hotel room at the Westin. It is a very nice hotel, but it was also very expensive.

Unfortiatly since I checked my luggage I had nothing except the clothes on my back (and a govenment credit card). When I got to my room I learned my first lesson of travel.

Rule 1: always pack at least a pair of underware and socks in your carry on.

So anyway I made it to Wichita the next day and found that my car and hotel had been cancled. I managed to get new ones, eventually.

Rule 2: if your flight is cancled IMEDIATLY call your hotel at your destination otherwise they will sell your room to someone else and still charge you for it.

I will report more rules as I learn them.
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10:49am 28/01/2008
For all of you who don't know, Brian and I have now moved into the DC area. Hurray no more commute of death. We have settled into our new place and have adopted a second Cat. Her name is Lizzy and she enjoys chasing Shadow, doing the whole boneless cat thing on my lap, and biting me very hard. It is such a large apartment compared to our last place that not counting the kitchen and bathroom, it has TWO rooms. I will invite all you local people over for a housewarming/cross stitch party after I get back from Nebraska.

Yes, indeed, My first bit of travel for my new job is to Kansas and Nebraska. I fully expect ice, snow and tornadoes. I will be there Feb 4 through the 15th. This will be the furthest I have ever traveled and the first time I have ever been on an air plane. For many of you this will mean that you actually see more of me on-line in the evenings. Probably. Maybe. If I can get AIM on my work laptop.

IN the mean time I shall continue to not update my live journal and never be on-line.
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where I work  
07:51pm 31/10/2007
I took my camera to work today. This is not where I work technically, but is the garden where I go at lunch. I just want to say I have a pretty sweet camera. I took a really cool picture of this guy, where he was perfectly framed by this arch. I was going to post them, but I don't have upgraded live journal apparently.

Oh, and apparently my boss has a hair trigger temper.
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(no subject)  
03:48pm 24/10/2007
Board board board, log. So today, I have taken the tutorial on the programing langaue I will use, read some manuals, did two of my coworkers work for them, watched training videos. And now, I have about and hour before I go home, and I've got nothing to do. I guess I should like that while I can get it, but right now it is boaring.
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Job Yay comute boo  
07:49pm 16/10/2007
I started my job and it is pretty cool. I'm not doing anything yet, but I have my own cubical with my name on it and a lap top which I don't have the password for yet. The building I work at is cool because it not only has a library at the top and a gym in the bottom, but it has a mall in the basement. Mostly I'm just reading training material and trying to learn jargon (they gave me a dictionary of terms at orientation)

My commute is not cool at all. I leave the house a 5:30 AM in the morning and get back at 7 PM. I spend 6 hours of my day on a train. I'm still figuring out the metro system but I have the Marc train down. The only neat thing I think is that I can get on the train on the morning and not have to go outside again until I get off in the evening. Of course since I actually like being outside, I've been walking around the Mall at lunch.

Hey people in DC want to meet for lunch?

The only thing that really sucks is I see Brian for exactly 2 hours a day.
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12:49pm 26/09/2007
I got my official job offer today. Nothing much has changed except the starting salary is $10,000 more than I thought it would be. (and it is $12,000 more then I was getting as a teacher) I start Oct 15th. Let this be a lesson to anyone applying to a job(particularly my own beloved Brian), Sometimes spamming the system with applications everywhere works.

In other news I was in DC yesterday getting drug tests and stuff. Brian came with me and we had a good time wandering around the city. We got a little lost coming back from my appointment but we eventually found a cab. I saw the hope diamond and had a very stupid moment trying to figure out why there are so many planes at the air and space center.
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Weak Will  
07:09am 21/09/2007
I caved and bought a DS. I did it for several reasons. First I am substitute teaching right now so I am getting $90 a day and the DS only cost $120, less then two day's work. Second I am going to be commuting to DC for a while so I wanted something to entertain myself. Third, it has a bunch of cool games that I want to play and "borrow" (read steal)from Beth.

See, I have three good reasons for wanting one.

Just don't ask me about the new iPod Nano.
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Calling all former roommates  
07:46pm 14/09/2007
Hey guys, as part of the very very extensive background check for the post office (over 14 pages of forms ... don't ask) I need the names and addresses of people to vouch for me, that I am who I say I am. This includes old friends and former roommates. If any of you want to stick up for me please email me current phone and address info at eowynredleaf@gmail.com or if that doesn't work, sarah.kilkowski@gmail.com. Thanks a lot guys. If I get all the forms filled out I can start Oct 1st.
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